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New Homes

At Lopes Construction , we redefine the standards of quality in new home construction. With an in-house framing crew, we ensure seamless, on-time execution of your project. What sets us apart is our in-house design specialists who not only provide renderings but also work with you every step of the way. Our meticulous in-house general contracting team keeps you in the loop, ensuring every detail is perfected and you're always up-to-date.



Modern Living

"Step into the future with our latest modern masterpiece. This new build exemplifies high-quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, setting a new standard for modern living."​


Hudsons Bay

Discover the perfect blend of modern and traditional in one of our latest new build. This captivating home showcases high-end finishes, ensuring not just a beautiful living space but also a wise investment in your future home equity.



Real Estate Investment

Explore our new duplexes that exemplify our commitment to custom home building and real estate investment opportunities. With a focus on creating unique living spaces and smart investments, these duplexes offer the best of both worlds.


Dream Home

Step into a modern dream home with a kitchen that's a masterpiece of design and functionality. Our attention to beautiful details ensures every aspect of your home is a work of art. Your dream home, where luxury and quality meet.​

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